Taxation Services

Managing a variety of taxes

Our aim is to help guide you through the complex maze of the Greek tax system and help control your tax liability whether it is for income tax, inheritance tax, property related taxes, capital gains or any other applicable taxes.

We will prepare and duly file your tax returns to the Greek authorities, once you have provided us with details of your income, expenses, property and other allowances.

  • Filling of all tax returns for all sources of income (salaries, pensions, rent, capital, professional activities)
  • Calculation of tax
  • Justification of acquisition of funds and other property and valuables
  • Real property taxation
  • Dealing with the Tax Office and other authorities

Taxation of Foreign Residents

Immigration and Relocation Services

We have a special and wide experience in the field having supported many foreign residents or persons relocating from abroad or immigrating from Greece (a very common case, especially for the younger, over the last few years). We can handle all the peculiarities of each specific case from start to the due and proper settlement. As an indication, we can handle:

  • Change of tax-residence for domestic tax payers moving abroad
  • Registration of foreign residents moving to Greece
  • Registration of foreign residents buying property in Greece
  • Purchase of property and due care thereafter
  • Double taxation avoidance treaties
  • Wills of Greek and foreign tax residents for properties and valuables in Greece and abroad.


Property Services

We are specialists in solving any tax issues that arise from property acquisition and ownership in the most effective way. We also ensure that all your tax reporting and paying liabilities are performed in a due and timely manner.

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